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Credit Consultation

Credit is the backbone of your families finances. Having bad credit can cost you thousands of dollars in interest rates, fees, and penalties. No one should be forced to throw away their hard earned money because of a 3 digit number.

Credit Repair

Giving you the personalized attention you deserve, our approach involves a comprehensive review of your entire credit report, allowing us to tailor a customized plan of action just for you.

Business Credit

NPJ Credit Service stands as the trusted partner for entrepreneurs. We specialize in assisting businesses in navigating the intricacies of building and strengthening their credit profiles, empowering them to secure their financial foundation.

Free E-Book

Quick Credit Reference Guide

How to structure your credit profile so you qualify for a home, car, high limit credit cards and 100K+ in business credit.


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At NPJ Credit Service, our consultative approach begins with a thorough analysis of your credit report, pinpointing any inaccuracies or areas for enhancement.
Utilizing our expertise in credit scoring, we then devise personalized strategies to optimize your credit profile and equip you with the knowledge to make informed financial choices.
You might not realize how much bad credit can truly impact your life. Here at NPJ Credit Service, we've had the privilege of helping numerous satisfied clients repair their credit. Our approach is both professional and thorough, aiming to cut through the numbers and set you on the path to better credit.

"From the moment I reached out, their team provided top-notch service, addressing every concern and question I had along the way. I can now confidently say that my credit is on the right track, and it's all thanks to NPJ Credit Repair. They've made a real difference in my financial life, and I can't recommend their service enough"

Chris Chan

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